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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Online Education Degrees

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There are a few online education degrees, but choosing the right one can be quite hard for some and easy for others. To start, you need to find out what type of online education degree you wish to partake in, whether it be to do with Technology, Engineering, Early Childhood and many more. Below is a list of available online education degrees, which you’ll be able to take the course online, only having to go to the campus to partake in some aspects of the degree.

Undergraduate Programs 2013
-          Bachelor of Early Childhood
-          Bachelor of Education
-          Bachelor of Education (Honours)
-          Bachelor of Engineering Technology
-          Bachelor of Vocational Education & Training

Postgraduate Programs 2013:
-          Graduate Diploma of Learning and Teaching
-          Graduate Diploma of Teaching
-          Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Linguistics
-          Postgraduate Certificate in Education
-          Postgraduate Certificate in Learning & Development
-          Postgraduate Certificate in Tertiary Teaching and Learning
-          Master of Applied Linguistics
-          Master of Education (8 units)
-          Master of Education (Full Fee Paying)
-          Master of Learning and Development
-          Master of Learning and Development (Full Fee Paying)

Research Programs 2013:
-          Doctor of Education
-          Doctor of Philosophy

The courses listed above are all online education degrees, apart from the very last two which are the Doctor of Education and the Doctor of Philosophy, these Research Programs require you to be studying on campus or a distance education.

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